HTC One Car kit CAR D160 (Black) 英国保証 -

HTC One Car kit CAR D160 (Black) 英国保証 -


HTC One Car kit CAR D160 (Black) 英国保証 -



HTC One Car kit CAR D160


Stay connected on the move:
This official HTC CAR D160 car kit securely holds and charges your HTC One and attaches to your car windscreen for easy and safe operation whilst driving.
The CAR D160’s sturdy construction with adjustable suction mount securely holds your HTC One and ensures a rock solid attachment to your windscreen, allowing you to position your phone at the optimum angle while still ensuring easy insertion and removal of the handset.
The built in charging connector and included USB car charger ensures your phone is always charged when you reach your destination.

Once you insert the HTC One in to the car cradle your phones Bluetooth connection is automatically activated to immediately link to your vehicles Bluetooth car kit to enable you to make and receive calls hands-free or wirelessly stream your music to any Bluetooth A2DP enabled in-car media systems.

Simply insert the HTC One in to the cradle and the HTC CAR application automatically activates and provides a simple, clear big button interface providing one click access to Navigation, Music, Phone dialler, TuneIn internet radio and HTC Speak voice control.
HTC CAR works in both portrait and landscape orientations and you can even add your own shortcuts to frequently used apps.
Don’t have a built-in Bluetooth? car kit? No problem! The CAR D160 will seamlessly connect to the HTC Car Mic CAR V100/ Bluetooth Visor Speaker and HTC Car StereoClip CAR A100/Bluetooth Audio Streamer (AUX) (connects to any 3.5mm input)
Alternatively, the handsets loud speaker will automatically activate if no Bluetooth? connection is found.

Package Contents:
- M7 specific cradle and suction mount
- Single port USB Car Charger
- Right angled USB car cradle specific charging cable

Made for HTC One ? Car Cradle fits phone precisely Adjustable suction mount allows you to position your phone at the optimum angle Insert phone to Automatically activate HTC CAR mode and Bluetooth connection Integrated charger keeps your HTC One fully charged while you drive
HTC One Car kit CAR D160 (Black) 英国保証 - 価格 13,700円 、2017-08-16 。

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